Where to find WPS PIN of my HP printer


I want to know  Where to find WPS PIN of my HP printer? Please help me.

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Please be conscious that there are two main types of WPS PINs that can be used through the setup of your printer also it’s very important to understand which kind you may need, as they are not interchangeable.

    • Are you trying to connect a printer to a WiFi network?

If you need the WPS PIN for connecting a printer to a WiFI network, then follow the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) instructions on HP’s Wireless Printing support site.

    • Or, are you being prompted for WPS PIN to connect a computer to a printer?

If you should be being prompted for a WPS PIN in order to connect your computer to a printer, then proceed with the instructions HP Printers – Wi-Fi Direct Printers Setup. Wi-Fi Direct is a printing-only connection option you can put up directly using your HP printer in place of through a local Wi-Fi network router.

If you are unable to get setup your printer with either form of WPS setup, you’ll be able to use HP’s Wireless Setup Wizard or USB setup of wireless. HP’s Wireless Printing site also a good resource additional information.


In the event that WPS PIN information above didn’t answer your question, please Dial HP Printer Tech Support Phone Number +1855-344-7486.


Printer Expert

Answered on February 3, 2019.
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